WHAT MAKES A GLOCK A GREAT HANDGUN?: Although the polymer-framed semi-automatic handgun was not invented first, the Glock was the first to achieve widespread commercial success. The polymer curtain rod producer Gaston Glock created the Glock pistol, which bears his name, in response to an order from the Austrian Armed Forces. The Austrians sought a weapon to replace their outdated Walther P38 pistols from World War II. The company beat five renowned gun manufacturers (Heckler & Koch, SIG Sauer, Beretta, FN, and Steyr Mannlicher) by submitting multiple samples for testing.

Glock defines practical dependability and simplicity. In a firearm intended for service or self-defense, reliability is crucial. The Glock needs to function; it doesn’t have to be flawless. Indeed, it does. Regularly.


There is a Glock pistol to suit your needs, whether you’re looking for a full-size handgun for hunting or a compact for concealed carry. Therefore, the shooter’s handgun is the Glock. Furthermore, there are countless customizing possibilities for the Glock because of its enormous popularity.


The G17 is a full-size 9x19mm handgun that was the first Glock semi-automatic pistol. It is load from a detachable box magazine that holds 17 rounds. Despite the widespread belief that Glock select the number 17 to represent its capacity, in reality, it represents the 17th patent that was granted to the device’s creator.

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The Glock is a locked-breech handgun that makes use of John Browning’s tilting-barrel short-recoil mechanism. The Glock is striker-fired, nevertheless, in contrast to the majority of semi-automatic handgun designs that appeared in the 1980s. The Glock replaces a hammer with a prominent spur that can snag on clothes or equipment with a firing pin that is propelled by its own spring.

The Glock is renowned for its three-part Safe Action System, which eliminates the need for manual safeties and decocking levers. This keeps the outside sleek while still enabling you to fire the weapon quickly. Because the Glock series has polymer frames, the Glock 17 weighs over 0.5 pounds less than an empty steel-framed 1911, even when loaded with 17 rounds of 9mm ammo.


Introduced in 1988, the small version of the Glock 17 has surpassed its parent model in popularity. The G19 is the benchmark by which shooters evaluate other 9mm handguns. The G19 is a very adaptable workhorse that is regard by many shooters as ideal for conceal carry, competitive target shooting, home defense, and duty. The U.S. Navy SEALs chose the Glock 19 to replace the SIG Sauer P226 that had been in use since the 1980s because they recognized these qualities.

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The Austrian company debuted the Glock 21, a.45-caliber model featuring a 13-round magazine, in 1990. With a loaded magazine, the Glock 21 weighs 38.80 oz, which is about the same as an unloaded 1911. With this level of powerful firepower in a comparatively light package.

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In collaboration with Winchester, Smith & Wesson created the.40 S&W cartridge to mimic the shorter case and lower pressure of the recently accepted FBI-approved 10mm Auto load. This would enable the use of 9mm Luger-specific pistol frames.

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Though Smith & Wesson was leading the effort, Glock would be the first to market with a handgun chambered in.40 caliber. The full-size and small Glock 22 and 23 would go on sale before the new S&W 4006. The FBI officially approved the Glock 22, a.40 S&W handgun that can contain 15 bullets in its magazine, in May 1997.


In 1996, the first subcompact Glock handgun intended for concealed carry was introduce. Gradually replacing the snub-nosed handgun, the Glock 26 was fed from a double-stack 10-round magazine.Double the capacity of the 5-shot Smith & Wesson Chiefs Special is available in a 38-caliber revolver.

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The Glock 26’s requirement that the grip stay sufficiently wide to accept ten rounds of 9mm ammunition is one of its drawbacks. The Glock 43 replaces the standard magazine with a 6-round single-stack magazine to further minimize weight. This results in a ⅕” width reduction in size, making the self-defense package even more covert. Moreover, the loaded Glock 43 weighs 5 ounces less.

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It is ultimately up to you to choose whether the decrease in gripping surface and magazine capacity is worthwhile. If not, a number of businesses provide magazine extensions that raise both.


Regretfully, the only Glock weapon on the list that you can’t just buy from a gun shop is this one. The machine-pistol version of the G17, the Glock 18, has a large selection lever on the left side of the slide. Action movies and video games frequently feature the G18 because of its powerful 1,200 rounds per minute firing rate.

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It makes no difference what your goal is: hunting, home defense, competition, leisure, or concealed carry. Every shooter can find a Glock pistol to meet their demands. That’s one of the factors contributing to its enormous appeal.

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